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About Us
How It Began

It's all in the Bangers


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **You can't argue with the facts…Britain consumed an impressive 266,500 tons of sausages last year. We all hanker for a sausage from time to time and we all seem to have an opinion about what makes the best bangers.

While Banger Bros was still just a glint in the butcher's eye, we were gathering opinions, fantasies and facts; trying, tasting and travelling, to compile a menu worthy of the mighty banger.

It's not only us Brits who are guilty of this banger love; sausages have been a thing of obsession and fantasy throughout the world and throughout history. From the "stuffed paunch of an ass", the Ancient Greek name for a sausage, to Dick Turpin, who apparently, on his days off from his Highwayman duties, was a secret sausage maker. Sausages have been the staple diet for hundreds of cultures throughout the world.

This is Julian

(the one on the right) the founder and creator of Banger Bros. As an experienced chef, this man knows his sausages; and while on his travels through Europe he was inspired by the popularity and accessibility of great sausages served simply from street stalls.

Armed with these experiences and a cold bag full of sausage samples from Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Copenhagen...., Julian began to piece together an idea.

Where in London - or indeed anywhere in the UK, could you buy a hot, cooked sausage to eat on the go? Nowhere really, other than the slightly dubious stalls you see outside clubs on a Saturday night or a rather puce looking Saveloy from your local chippy.

A sausage shaped light bulb appeared above Julian's head.
Why not create a hot sausage takeaway solution here in London, showcasing the best of British and European sausages?
A tall order? Maybe…but sausages are an inspiring and powerful driving force and one which Julian embraced.
Taking what he had learnt from Europe, including cooking techniques & specialist equipment, (our grills are not just any old grill, they are made by Germans, the ultimate Wurst Meisters, specifically for cooking sausages, oh yes ), Julian created the Banger Bros concept.
Opening in July 2007 on the Portobello Rd W11, Banger Bros simply offered 4 sausages, British Banger, Smokey Polish, Chorizo, and a Beef Frankfurter, on a bun or on its own with a selection of mustards. We've evolved a bit since then, but the core products are still the same. We will remain consistently true to the banger.